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Crowdfunding – Your Options

Crowdfunding is an idea that has been around now for a while but which is only just starting to really take off and result in some truly amazing success stories for entrepreneurs who have seen their projects become reality. The concept here of course is that you promote an idea, and that you then get backers to provide you with small sums of money in support and exchange for some perks, but do so in such large volume that you are able to raise all the money you need in order to see it through to completion.

Of course this is something that is hugely more achievable these days thanks to the web which makes it easy for anyone to communicate their idea to thousands of people in a short space of time and to collect payment automatically.

Crowdfunding this way is a dream for business owners as it means getting the financial aid that many require to get their ideas off the ground, but with none of the spectre of debt or the loss of creative control that comes from using other means. That and it’s also free exposure and a great way to ensure there’s a market for your audience.

So you’re probably sold on crowdfunding. Now the question is how can you get started? Well here you have plenty of different options and multiple avenues you can take. Here we will look at some of them.

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The most obvious place most people will start is Kickstarter which is the best known crowdfunding site on the web and possibly largely responsibility for the strategy’s current popularity.



Danae Ringelmann, Co-Founder, Indiegogo

While Kickstarter might be the most famous and provide you with access to the biggest number of potential backers, this can also be a bad thing in that it means you’ll be facing more competition and will need to follow stricter guidelines. Indiegogo then provides a slightly more ‘lightweight’ alternative where it can be easier for beginners to get noticed.



Kickstarter rules the roost in the US, but until recently it was less accessible for those based in the UK and Europe. Peoplefund.It aimed to take advantage of this by focusing on the UK market, and has now found a niche as a great place for charities to raise money and for British entrepreneurs to find backing.



Smallknot is a relatively young crowdfunding site that looks at businesses rather than projects and encourages users to invest in small local organizations.



RocketHub functions largely similarly to Kickstarter, but has become particularly popular among musicians and philanthropists.



Gambitious is a crowdfunding site just for games developers. One other difference is that all the companies on there have had to meet and be vetoed by the site owners before getting the exposure which makes it a great place to invest with confidence.



If none of these crowdfunding sites really sounds like it offers what you’re looking for, then you can always attempt to go without and raise some crowdfunds yourself. You can do this simply by explaining what you’re trying to accomplish through your website or other outlet and then by providing a pay button in which case you’ll not have to abide by any rules and won’t give away any cut of the profit, but will also lack the infrastructure these sites have in place. Meanwhile another form of crowdfunding in a way is simply to take lots of pre-orders but in order for this to work you need to be absolutely certain you can provide the product or service you are promising. Otherwise you could end up sorely out of pocket.

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