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The Five Most Memorable Ads Of Recent Times

The best advertising campaigns are those that we remember. We might not always like them, and in fact we might find them highly irritating, but if the advert makes the brand name highly memorable, then the advertising agency has done its job. Some of the best ads are the most simple. Although a few major award winning advertising campaigns have been rather more complicated: the Honda cog advert won loads of awards and took a staggering 606 takes to perfect, but you only have to watch it to see all that effort was worth it. So what advertising campaigns in recent years have best captured the public imagination?

Go Compare

Unless you have been living under a rock, you can’t fail to have missed the incredibly annoying Go Compare advertising campaign. Featuring a fat opera singer, the Go Compare adverts have been running for months. In the beginning, the opera singer simply sang his irritating song to a variety of characters who invariably tried to avoid him, but as time went on, the tone of the adverts changed and the theme was about shutting the opera singer up by fair means or foul. So whether you loved the opera singer or loathed him, at least you now know the name of the brand.


Everyone loves the compare the meerkat adverts. The characters are cute, cuddly and quirky. Each different advert tells a story and even though the advert only skirts around the underlying subject, it is surprisingly effective because everyone and their dog is now very familiar with compare the market not the meerkat. As Alexander Orlov would say, it’s “Simples!”

Walker’s Crisps

The Walker’s crisp adverts have been around for ages—years in fact. But the reason this advertising campaign is such a long running one is that it has been phenomenally effective. The ads are entertaining and amusing, which is why they keep on going, thus keeping Gary Lineker in business.

The Lynx Effect

If you need any persuading as to the effectiveness of the Lynx male body spray campaign, you only need to go out on a Friday night in any northern town and sniff the air. Millions of men spray themselves from head to foot every weekend in the hope of attracting hordes of sexy and desperate women. Unfortunately, whilst Lynx body spray does smell ok in small amounts, when used in overpowering quantities, it tends to have the opposite effect. So men you have been warned. Less is more when it comes to Lynx.

Southern Comfort Man

There have been some brilliant advertising campaigns featuring alcoholic brands over the years. Martini’s: “any time, any place, anywhere” is one for the older generation. Boddingtons was another fantastic one from the 90′s. However, a recent advertising promo for Southern Comfort has proved to be surprisingly cool in many ways. The ad features a fat man in a skimpy pair of swimming trunks, strolling along a beach packed with beautiful people. The tag line is: “whatever’s comfortable”, which is perfect for the brand.

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