When Content Marketing Just Won’t Work

content marketing

In order to deliver value so others come on board with you for the journey, you have to be disciplined. To some this is never going to work.

Once upon a time everyone watched the same TV shows (24.35 million people watched an Only Fools and Horses episode in 1996), we all watched the same ads and we received our news from a handful of sources. We now live in a time where anyone can create content, for free and distribute globally.

The companies who are seeing results are those with a defined point of view and have the ability to deliver this on a consistent basis to a targeted audience. In his latest book, Known, Mark Schaefer highlights that people ‘became known through commitment, constancy and repeated practice.’

However, I have seen where it doesn’t work where a content marketing/owned media approach will just not deliver a return. I am breaking this down into three areas focused on care, rhythm and knowledge.

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