The Spark And The Framework

Just because you have a good idea, doesn’t make it a good idea. Everything has to tie back to your objectives and strategy.

When you dilute something you lose the essence of what it is in the first place. Adding too much water to something that originally had a lot of flavour, eventually becomes water.

There has to be a framework from that initial spark of an idea. The side project promises nervous anticipation of the unknown, which is why they can be such a powerful part of your overall armoury.

However, we can be easily led astray just because something doesn’t have a significant cost investment next to it, but the drain on other resources, notably time, can become huge.

I have seen over the past few years, business owners jumping onto wagons with one wheel and horses with three legs that become a burden.

The business coach who offers the two day ‘how to use social for business’ seminar at £700 a ticket to the entrepreneur looking to share knowledge with an industrial marketplace and the half day seminar in the local hotel. Both solid topics probably filled with an abundance of relevant information to share, but both suffered ie. events pulled, because:

  1. they didn’t have an audience in the first place
  2. what they were looking to preach didn’t tie back to anywhere on their respective websites and the core belief/foundation of their business

If you are pursuing an owned media approach where you control the flow and connection with others, the goal is to refine what you do, not widen it.

When it comes to alignment, the ventures that you pursue have to match your mission.