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In 2016 there were 5.5 million private sector businesses in the UK, the highest since estimates began in 2000, according to Business Population Estimates (BPE).

This means there are even more businesses sounding and looking the same.

It’s time to stand for something more meaningful and embrace a new content attitude.

How A Content Marketing Agency Can Help..A Bit More

This is how you become the differentiator within your industry. The ID Group are a content marketing agency. We create content programmes to help businesses build their audience and drive profitable action.


Working with you to deliver tailor made training packages. For example:

SESSION 1) Definition of YOU

– Who do you matter to? What do you stand for?

– Are you working on initiatives to build an owned audience?

– What personality are you portraying?

SESSION 2) Highlighting a PURPOSE

– Why do people buy from you? What makes them come back?

– What story could your customer tell to someone else to recommend you?

SESSION 3) Formalising a STRATEGY

– What do you want to say?

– Who is your niche?

– Why should people believe in you (and buy from you)?

– What are the ‘booom’ moments?

– How can you become influential in your marketplace?


– Are you building in the spaces that you have ownership?

– What are the channels that you can own?

– How can you grow your audience with an organic owned media approach?


Build an audience who will come to buy from you on a consistent basis. You become a business that is better at having a conversation. No one wants more promotional bilge. You need to understand and become an advocate for your customers. Tell them stories and entertain then. Today’s consumer will opt out of bland sales message, but they’ll tune into stories that strike a chord with them.




If you currently have a content marketing initiative in place, why not take a quick MOT test to see if your current content marketing efforts are working:

The Two Must Haves Are First – Or You’ll Get A Red X

1) You Are Increasing In Organic Subscribers

If you are relying completely on buying email lists of strangers, it does not count. If you are not developing your database organically, then you are not growing.

Whether you are looking to increase registrations and subscriptions, you need to build this independently and within a space that you have 100% control of (no, likes and followers do not count).

This can become one of your most powerful tools to build a dialogue and bring a person into your community. Even the Excel sheet can become something you can get attached to again.


Always remember, anyone who has subscribed to receive your ongoing content, the interaction with you and your business has to be an enjoyable experience.


2) You Receive Acknowledgement And Praise By Customers (Or Potential Customers)

If your content creation results in recognition from those who determine profitable action, then you are heading in the direction.

When this happens it recognises that what you are doing has relevance to someone else. It is meaningful to continue an ongoing dialogue. This is the acknowledgement that all businesses want, a content approach that is regarded as a worthwhile investment by others.

To have someone else recognise your angle of approach and feel assured that they are building a relationship with someone who has spirit, conviction and above all else, believes in an approach, can become an extremely rewarding feeling.

Whether via email or conversation, this can gain the green tick when it is between two people (you and the customer/potential customer).


3) People Are Sharing Your Content

This widens the playing field with people who are willing to share your content and effectively assisting you with your marketing.

This can be those people who you are familiar with to those who are retweeting your content but have no immediate relationship with, but what you produce has context to them.

Rather than feel like you are creating content in a closed cell that is never seen (or heard) by anyone else, your work gets to breath and be seen in places you would never have imagined. As an aside, to the person in Kenya who has listened to the Marketing Homebrew podcast, I’m sending you a hug.

4) Discussion And Interaction From Others

While not necessarily having the strength of point two, this is where your content creation encourages conversation and discussion.

This could be someone leaving a comment on an article on your site, a subscriber emailing you directly with their thoughts from the content you have created to someone leaving a review on iTunes to a comment on YouTube.

Whilst not necessarily being people within your immediate circle, these are people that can become part of your community, if you maintain your dedication to a channel and are committed to utilising that space. For instance, if someone has left comments on your site related to the blog articles you produce and then you lose focus with articles become less frequent is more a ‘I guess I need to do this soon as haven’t created an article in three months.’ This is similar to making a friend at school and then when you join the swimming club, you make new friends and the person who you shared and started getting to know, you drop in an instant.

5) Recognised As A Resource By Others

Similar to a library, when people regard you (and your business) as a reliable source, you become worthwhile to someone else.

A library represents topics for people to delve into and discover, what is stopping you from creating your own information centre?

When you create an information centre, everything is controlled from one central place ie. your website and more importantly, it doesn’t sit behind a lock and key, but freely available. By taking an approach to become recognised as a useful resource, you make that step to becoming more accessible to others. Whether in the shape of guides or research that is relevant to a marketplace, adding value outside of your core business is a way to become recognised and appreciated.

Measuring the usefulness of your ‘library’ within Google Analytics, within ‘Behaviour-Overview’ can determine the topics that people want to consume.


Just numbers 1 and 2 – This doesn’t mean success, it just means you are on the right path. Keep going.

1 or 2 and one other – It’s time to appraise where you are, who your audience is and why your efforts are currently not resulting in any form of return.

Just 3, 4 5 –  Stop creating content for the sake of creating content and understand the reason why you are taking this approach. You now need to refine where you are and what direction you want to head.

No boxes – If you are up for the conversation, it is time to have that chat.



Whether you are based in the UK or internationally, everything starts with the conversation. Lets get the ball rolling.

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