Talking Content Marketing

Talking Content Marketing

Talking Content Marketing is an ongoing interview series with the worlds leading marketing influencers. The whole idea is to bring everyone to one place (here) and ask them six questions for how businesses need to adapt to a new content mindset. This is intended to help you learn, take from and provide a snapshot for where the marketing industry is heading. If there is anyone that you would like to see featured, just let us know.

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Talking Content Marketing welcomes Jeff Julian, co-founder for AJi, Squared Digital, and Enterprise Marketer. Six questions with the theme of community.
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Talking Content heads over to Boston, to share a content marketing perspective from Byron White. Byron is CEO of WriterAccess, a cloud based content platform allowing...

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lets look at the way data helps shape our decision making and application from a content marketing perspective with Michael Foley.

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Talking Content Marketing looks at six questions on creating a cause to differentiate with NewsCred CEO and CoFounder, Shafqat Islam.

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Six questions on the role of the micro influencer and building trust with communications consultant Chris Lee.
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Lets welcome Margaret Magnarelli, Managing Editor for Content and Senior Director of Marketing at, the leading global platform for connecting jobs and people.

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Talking Content Marketing introduces Contently GM, UK and Europe, Rebecca Allen. Six questions with a focus on where to start with a content marketing approach.

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Talking Content Marketing showcases the thoughts of Jason Miller, author of Welcome To The Funnel and Global Content Marketing Leader at LinkedIn.