Talking Content Marketing

Talking Content Marketing

Talking Content Marketing is an ongoing interview series with the worlds leading marketing influencers. The whole idea is to bring everyone to one place (here) and ask them six questions for how businesses need to adapt to a new content mindset. This is intended to help you learn, take from and provide a snapshot for where the marketing industry is heading. If there is anyone that you would like to see featured, just let us know.

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Talking Content welcomes author of Paid Attention and co-founder of Genius Steals, Faris Yakob. Six questions on behaviour and ownership, lets go.

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Talking Content Marketing welcomes digital marketer Simon Swan on why businesses need to look at the world differently.

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A warm welcome to Eventbrite, Head Of Content Marketing for UK and Ireland, Mark Walker. Lets find out the secret to delivering content on a consistent basis for their audience.

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Talking Content Marketing welcomes content marketing consultant, Brian Honigman to share his thoughts on the principals of building within the spaces that you own.

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Talking Content Marketing gives a very warm welcome to Matt Heinz. Lets look at the fundamentals of standing for something more compelling.

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Talking Content Marketing welcomes co-author of Experiences, Carla Johnson. Lets talk about the need for businesses to create value for their audience.

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Talking Content welcomes Anne Janzer, author of Subscription Marketing. Lets look at the value of building an audience and keeping them via a subscription model.

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Talking Content Marketing welcomes author and speaker, Jon Burkhart. Lets find more about Jon's approach and whether businesses are still playing it safe.