Talking Content Marketing

Talking Content Marketing

Talking Content Marketing is an ongoing interview series with the worlds leading marketing influencers. The whole idea is to bring everyone to one place (here) and ask them six questions for how businesses need to adapt to a new content mindset. This is intended to help you learn, take from and provide a snapshot for where the marketing industry is heading. If there is anyone that you would like to see featured, just let us know.

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Talking Content Marketing welcomes Ian Rhodes. Here we look at the function of the marketing discipline and how the UK agency framework needs to evolve.

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Talking content marketing welcomes 'Tas' Tasgal, author of The Storytelling Book, to share the role of creating a narrative within our businesses.

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Lets makes a stop at Marriott International and welcome David Beebe, vice president creative and content marketing, global marketing. Lets chat about the importance of owning your media.

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Talking Content Marketing welcomes Peg Samuel, owner of Social Diva Media. Peg is the co-author (alongside Matthew Capala) of Facebook Marketing Like I'm 5:  The...

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Talking Content Marketing brings the content marketing b2b perspective from Tim LeRoy. Tim believes in using old skills with modern tools, lets delve in.

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The Talking Content Marketing project makes a stop to Scotland and a warm welcome to Chris Marr. Chris is the Director of Learning Everyday and...

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Talking Content Marketing gives a warm welcome AJ Huisman, from Dutch law firm, Kennedy Van der Laan. Six questions on change and businesses embracing a content marketing mindset.

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The Talking Content Marketing project continues with six questions focused on SEO for small business from Matthew Capala.