Marketing Homebrew Podcast

Marketing Homebrew Podcast

Join Ian Rhodes and myself every Friday for our weekly conversation focused on encouraging businesses to adopt an owned media mindset. Lets throw in the challenges, dilemmas, frustrations and achievements for UK businesses. We'd love you to be part of the #MarketingHomebrew conversation.

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Once you’ve done the hard work of acquiring a customer, why wouldn’t you try to sell her more products? Give others something else to care about.

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If you’re not “all in” with your content marketing program, you should stop. To do this, action is centred within consistency. To have consistency, there has to be a cause.

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Is being better than others the ability to send emails a bit faster, tweet more often and leave work later than anyone else? Lets look at competitive advantage.

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We did it live for a second time and hope you enjoy the final result. This show takes a break from the 2016 Growth Schedule.

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Why do businesses have to pursue innovation and look to do things in a new way? Lets flip this and champion an approach to perfect what you know.

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Without an organised framework for your content marketing efforts, you look at a world of random campaigns and wasted efforts.

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When any business looks to adopt a content marketing approach is patience and persistency. There is no finish line.

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The corporate culture challenge and how to get over the resistance to change is a struggle for all of us.