Marketing Homebrew Podcast

Marketing Homebrew Podcast

Join Mark Masters every Friday focused on how you can build your audience through the channels you own to drive profitable action.

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Without an organised framework for your content marketing efforts, you look at a world of random campaigns and wasted efforts.

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When any business looks to adopt a content marketing approach is patience and persistency. There is no finish line.

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The corporate culture challenge and how to get over the resistance to change is a struggle for all of us.

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Today’s marketers face a new challenge than their predecessors did a decade ago. Lets look at the need to adjust and monitor.

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What does success look like and how long would you expect this to take? Lets look at this topic of timeframe.

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Experiences shape how consumers attach themselves to brands. This includes factors such as service and quality of products. Lets jump in for 30 minutes.

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Our brains are expected to handle data flowing from all directions as every device constantly beeps and bombard us with information. Is it getting too much?

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Without having well-defined goals and strategy to refer and come back to, your content is just noise — and you'll never be happy with what you create.