Marketing Homebrew Podcast

Marketing Homebrew Podcast

Join Ian Rhodes and myself every Friday for our weekly conversation focused on encouraging businesses to adopt an owned media mindset. Lets throw in the challenges, dilemmas, frustrations and achievements for UK businesses. We'd love you to be part of the #MarketingHomebrew conversation.

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Today’s marketers face a new challenge than their predecessors did a decade ago. Lets look at the need to adjust and monitor.

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What does success look like and how long would you expect this to take? Lets look at this topic of timeframe.

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Experiences shape how consumers attach themselves to brands. This includes factors such as service and quality of products. Lets jump in for 30 minutes.

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Our brains are expected to handle data flowing from all directions as every device constantly beeps and bombard us with information. Is it getting too much?

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Without having well-defined goals and strategy to refer and come back to, your content is just noise — and you'll never be happy with what you create.

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A habit becomes those things that we ingrain in ourselves for one reason or another, that is hard to give up. That's this weeks theme.

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Why make outlandish big promises, you know you'll have to work harder to keep it. It is easier to make smaller promises instead for your audience.

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Responsibility is something we all need to think seriously about. 30 mins on why building a community has to be considered.