Owned Media Mindset

Owned Media Mindset

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The medium you deliver has to be respectful to the audience who consume. Lets look at tailoring your message to your audience.

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Creating value becomes the magnet to persuade,but just an altruistic angle to inform won't work. Should we become better sales people before content marketers?

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When you build solid experiences with customers, flexibility allows you to start creating additional services for others. The services/product that you offer your marketplace can go...

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In order to deliver value so others come on board with you for the journey, you have to be disciplined. To some this is never going to work.

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To be good at what you do, you have to realise that you can’t do it in isolation. When you create and collaborate with someone...

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There is a need to create a sense of belonging, more than ever. There is also a big difference between audience and community. Lets highlight.

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Having a meaningful cause is a key trait to connect to an audience who will stand by you. What matters are not what time you posted but what you care about.

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You have to align what you sell with the principals you have. When you misalign what you do, it undermines the association others have with you. Lets look at what Cadbury's have done.