Owned Media Mindset

Owned Media Mindset

content marketing

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We are coming to a stage where content marketing success in 2017 will be those who can validate and show others, so they can...
content marketing in the uk

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Whilst businesses are evolving in the UK with a content marketing approach, the spaces are there for businesses to capitalise on, but are we...

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You have to listen to your audience to help them mould what works (or what doesn’t).
find your niche

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Digging deeper where you provide more value than anyone else in the niche you serve is the holy grail for differentiation. Lets find your niche.
live blog

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If you can wrap up what you share in a digital space to one that brings people together, you have an opportunity to connect on a level you cannot do online. Here is how a live blog works.

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Lets look at when content connects. You can be provocative,but in tune with your message, or provocative and it doesn’t mean anything apart from being liked by strangers.

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When you understand the group you are targeting and then communicate in the right way, you can move mountains. When you find your audience you connect on a far deeper level.

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When you can unite others behind a cause, you don’t need to chase everyone. There are enough of us to go round. Here's what you need to get into place.