Turning Content Marketing World 2017 Into Five Key Themes

When you centre your message to an addressable audience, you spend less, you get more back. Bringing everything back from Content Marketing World 2017 (September...

Why Strive For Perfection When Normal Is The Differentiator

There is nothing wrong with imperfections. When things aren’t pristine, this is how we learn, document and craft something to say that others don’t.

Starting From Zero Is Fine When You Have Something To Say

It is ok to start from zero if your intentions and what you want to achieve co-ordinates with what you do.

Time To Shut Up And Deliver, Not The Monster Popularity Contest...

The lure is on every corner, where chasing followers is seen as valid measurement tool. Building an audience you care about is where the reward sits.

The Biggest Spanking When You Take Others For Granted

If you take your audience for granted, there is going to be one winner, everybody else. Lets share what others have done.

How You Create A Genre (Not Do Something Because Everyone Else...

Whenever you start creating something new, it has to be for someone else. The target audience is never you. Lets look at creating a genre.

Create Content Longevity From What You Have Already Produced

Instinct tells you to always create something new. You can maximise impact by using what you already have.

Expanding What You Do, To Create One Giant Picture

If you are investing in the long term, you have to create cues for people, so it becomes easier for them to participate and have that sense of belonging.