You Are The Media

You Are The Media

Create A Genre

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Whenever you start creating something new, it has to be for someone else. The target audience is never you. Lets look at creating a genre.

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Instinct tells you to always create something new. You can maximise impact by using what you already have.

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If you are investing in the long term, you have to create cues for people, so it becomes easier for them to participate and have that sense of belonging.

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The only way for people to read/watch/listen is when you say/do something that others don’t. Lets look at the role of retention and how it works.

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Email subscription happens when someone finds something interesting, being part of a world that is continually described as ‘noisy’ doesn’t come into the equation.

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Content marketing efforts become easier when you stop looking at content in isolation but as part of a much bigger picture. Let me explain.

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You become a specialist when you focus on the needs and wants of someone else. You become what you communicate and distribute. Lets explain a bit deeper.
long term marketing

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To see any form of reward, there has to be lock-in for long term marketing. A short-term outlook undermines a longer-term strategy.