Just Because You Say You’re Mustard, Doesn’t Mean Everyone Else Thinks...

  Whilst it is easy to rock up and claim you are the person to listen to, it is up to the influenced to decide...

When You Go King Size To Build, You Have To Bin...

Being consistent is tough. To make something work there has to be a trade off.

The Way Businesses Treated People In 2017

It has been a rough 2017. However, what it has highlighted is the importance of having something to say, to a specific audience. Lets share with you.

How To Grow A Community Within One That Already Exists

People stay when you grow a community from one already in place. When you treat others as though they are part of a close family they will not go elsewhere.
asking others for help

Asking Others For Help To Make Something Miles Better

To create something that elevates what you do, asking others for help can become the key.

If It’s Not Worth Writing, It’s Not Worth Sharing

When it feels uncomfortable, it is time to share. However, if it's not worth writing, it's not worth sharing. Lets share a framework when its all ok.

Saying More With Less. But Simplicity Is Tough

Simplicity is becoming harder to grasp, when it is the crux of everything you do. Saying more with less is pretty hard.

The Added Work Around Your Audience Makes The Difference

It works better when you bring people around an experience, not necessarily a product. Lets look at why you need to do added work around an audience.