Reach & Retention Won’t Matter When You Are The Same

The only way for people to read/watch/listen is when you say/do something that others don’t. Lets look at the role of retention and how it works.

Making Email Subscription GDPR Heaven

Email subscription happens when someone finds something interesting, being part of a world that is continually described as ‘noisy’ doesn’t come into the equation.

Documenting Your Journey That Holds Hands With The Big I AM

Content marketing efforts become easier when you stop looking at content in isolation but as part of a much bigger picture. Let me explain.

You Become What You Communicate And Distribute

You become a specialist when you focus on the needs and wants of someone else. You become what you communicate and distribute. Lets explain a bit deeper.
long term marketing

Craving For Now, Now, Now. A Long Term Marketing View

To see any form of reward, there has to be lock-in for long term marketing. A short-term outlook undermines a longer-term strategy.

An Audience Building Mixtape Called ‘Lean Into A Group’

Here are some audience building, mixtape tracks that all relate to finding your audience and then leaning into them.
build a community

To Build A Community, You Need To Action A Community

The reason to build a community is to have closer ties with others. When it comes to asking, it becomes easier as there is a continuous trade in value.

Marketers Mess Up Everything They Touch

When you add one thing on top of the other, the fundamentals start to get blurry. Marketers mess things up.