You Are The Media

You Are The Media

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Here are some audience building, mixtape tracks that all relate to finding your audience and then leaning into them.
build a community

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The reason to build a community is to have closer ties with others. When it comes to asking, it becomes easier as there is a continuous trade in value.

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When you add one thing on top of the other, the fundamentals start to get blurry. Marketers mess things up.

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When you start to discover a routine, you have a better chance of building an audience who will stick by you.

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If you are going to make an impact, at least be consistent with it. Lets look at the importance of connection, not just creating campaigns.

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When there is an active audience centred on building relationships, this is stronger than finding a stranger to put your content in front of other strangers.

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Your voice is how you convince people, rather than telling everyone you are different. Here are some pointers for you to put into place.

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One of the toughest things for businesses is to take a deep breath and figure out the closing line isn’t wrapped around ‘buy me.’