You Are The Media Lunch Club – Survey Results

You Are The Media Lunch Club – Survey Results

You Are The Media Lunch ClubThe results from the You Are The Media Lunch Club highlighted that people would like to explore further the topics discussed within the businesses they represent.

That’s encouraging as highlights the value people take away.

The email was sent on Friday 2nd December to 80 people (all had attended at some point), and a response rate of 40%.

you are the media lunch club

Whilst it was a close call and the idea of multiple venues deemed to be acceptable, The Larder House, in Southbourne, was the preferred venue.


Another close call, but looks like the buffet format works. 2017 will see a mix of Luncd and buffet.

4The majority of attendees are happy with the flow, but completely understand those that think it can be too fast. I know we could perhaps continue longer, or start earlier, but don’t want to encroach too much on the working afternoon.

3Putting everything into place via documented strategy was a popular response. This needs to be facilitated. Others responses outside of the choices included: how to find your niche; audience research and collaboration (a theme picked up with Ian Rhodes on the October Lunch Club).

6The majority of people agreed that it would be useful to take the topics discussed and apply them within their business. Whilst a lunch does not allow a way to go deeper, there provides the opportunity for people who want to apply within their business, a space to consider and understand.

7There was a mix of reasons why people attend, but those who come can see the value. Other responses included: further learning and a new perspective and the mix of food and being a part of something.

8Whilst the majority thought that the format that is in place should keep momentum, there was also the need for practical advice and also to keep it centred within one venue. Other answers included the ability to talk to more people at the beginning and hosted in larger venues.

Thoughts On Going Forward

The people who attend see the value in having a space to learn and whilst an hour and a half does not necessarily allow depth, what it provides is an overview and to take on board a perspective (focused on ownership) that they may not necessarily have had before.

The people who want to take on board a defined strategy for their business, the next step is to facilitate this. The focus has to be to start at a place where they can build confidence, without jumping straight into tactics. A strategic focus can work together with the monthly Lunch Clubs for those that want to explore, apply and build their own momentum with an owned media/content marketing approach.

Within the UK and as highlighted by the Content Marketing in the UK 2017 report by Content Marketing Institute, we are still at an early stage of applying within the businesses we operate within. We are no way at a mature stage of investment. This becomes the opportunity.

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-14-39-41The Lunch Club rhythm for 2017 will be three back to back lunch sessions during the year ie. Jan, Feb, March followed by a strategy session, three times a year. The strategy sessions become the thinking, the Lunch Clubs highlight the doing.


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