What makes an entrepreneur?

Have you ever been asked the question ‘Do you consider yourself to be an entrepreneur?’

What does this mean? Is it a person that takes risks? Is it someone with a clear vision? Is it ‘pigheaded discipline and determination?’ (Chet Holmes, author of The Ultimate Sales Machine).

This is how we see it…

  • An entrepreneur see’s an opportunity and turns this into a vision.
  • It is a person that takes risks, uses their initiative and frees themselves from the bounds of convention.
  • ‘Experts’ may not always be right, so it takes a person with determination and self-belief to divert and ‘go against the grain’.

[pullquote]Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled. (Howard Stevenson)[/pullquote]

  • It takes hard work and a focused mindset to make a vision appealing and apply advice in the most helpful way.
  • Personal investment is key to be successful as an entrepreneur. It’s about taking the risk, taking the time to build relationships and seeing things through.
  • Working with others, as part of a team, is a factor to consider in order to blend talents and to inspire an idea.

What about you? Do you see yourself in this category?