What’s the next big thing?

We have now become part of a society where we always expect more, mostly in terms of technology and networking. We want everything available and at our disposal.

Traditional methods of marketing were constructed around direct mail, advertising and PR, which still remain as the foundations to successful campaigns and messages. Yet, in today’s world, it’s more concerned with technology and going viral, using social networking, CGI and videos instead of direct mail, brochures and other traditional routes.

The most important thing through each method is to make sure that the message is consistent and clear. People need to know what they are getting and what they are in for.

Clear and concise campaigns still hold the same purpose, to promote a message for a product/service that people will want. Whilst new media has huge benefits, let’s not forget those good old fashioned routes to market that have taken a back seat. For instance, when was the last time you received a great piece of DM or an engaging newsletter?

Our choices grow to target a message but keeping a message true to its brand values can see traditional routes being revitalised when used creatively.