Do you brand or market?

There are misconceptions when it comes to branding. Businesses tend to mention branding with marketing and advertising in the same breath, this is just not the case. This is what you need to know.

A brand is an overall image of a product/service that consumers are able to connect, make an emotional attachment and interpret. This is through identifying with a name, logo, strap-line and style of a visual appearance.

The reason why branding is different from other communication methods is because marketing focuses on a message and keeping consumers connected, whereas the brand itself is the image and perception which must stand alone in order to be effective, credible and noticed alongside your competition.

An important thing to remember is that branding can only be effective and successful if it is executed correctly and consistently. Think about your logo and what it represents (as it highlights everything you stand for). Be clear of what values your company and brand identifies within its messages. Above all else, create a personal connection through your brand for customers to engage with.