The Geography Class To Content Marketing (Part 2)


If we put the world of content marketing as a meandering lake from a school textbook it would look like this (above).

Last week, the concept of ‘flow’ and ‘grow‘ was introduced for the continuous flow of content and then the ability to grow substantial information aimed at providing added value and positioning you and your customers as the authority (which takes longer to build).

Hope this metaphor from the school textbook meandering lake, helps to give some structure to how this new world works where content now forms a key part of building a conversation and relationship with our audiences.

What this analogy shows is that the continual flow of content represents a commitment to create and distribute information. If the river stops flowing, the once steady stream of current becomes a dry and barren riverbank. Likewise, if your commitment to embrace sharing knowledge and conversation becomes a sporadic input of empty Tweets and ‘once in a blue moon’ blog articles, then the rich source that was once for all to see becomes obsolete and irrelevant.

By continuing to invest in your brand and build trust and influence within your audience, you become the trusted expert. If this becomes the focus, as opposed to purely selling a product from 9am to 5pm selling becomes a lot more easier.



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