Show 17 – The Foundations Of A Movement


We need to think differently about our audience and how they will share the content we create.

You want others to get on board the approach you deliver.

Starting a movement is everything to do with mobilising other people to stand alongside you with a shared purpose. This is a continuous cycle of reciprocal activity that positions your business on another hemisphere from your competition.

Where does this all begin? I truly believe we have to walk before we can run, so we start with a small group of people who believe in something and let it gather momentum. Trust me, this does work. This goes beyond collecting numbers because it makes you look popular on Twitter. This is all about generating a one-to-one interaction with other people that can ignite a passion within other people. You do it by being persistent, creative, present, dynamic and have ideas to build a better marketplace and also business.

We need to step out of our comfort zone because as Dave Trott said, “it’s always more comfortable to do what everyone else is doing.”

Come and listen to this weeks Marketing Homebrew and we’ll explain more.


Picture at the top courtesy of Peddhapati