Show 18 – The Creator Movement. What’s The Alternative?

River Cottage_The_ID_Group

To become part of the creator movement you have to push boundaries.

Discipline facilitates creativity. But if we’re not creating, what is the alternative? Is it a case of following everyone else? Is it a case of accepting that the way we have always done things is the way it will always be.

It’s time to take the blinkers off and follow a path we create for ourselves.

This weeks show is from River Cottage on the Dorset/Devon borders. Here is an example of a brand that effectively became a media company by choosing it’s own path and staying true to what it believed in.

Join Ian, myself and special guest Jemma Moran, River Cottage’s Digital Marketing Manager for how River Cottage has become a respected and admired brand.

We really enjoyed being part of this and now delving into outdoor broadcasts, we hope you do too.