Show 32 – Credibility


Government expenses scandals, horsemeat, bank misselling, the phone hacking scandals, big corporation tax avoidance. Our trust in others has diminished.

It’s not just a case of adding value, but credibility is about sticking to the principals that we set out to represent. We all started our businesses with something that we believed in, from making a working process easier to knowing that you were talented in a particular skill set.

The way we can still do this is by being more realistic and having an honest connection with people by being transparent, responsive and above all accessible, by keeping to our promises.

Even when things go wrong, we are only human and accepting responsibility by even showing a vulnerable side, can make a brand stronger by it’s  transparency.

Too many people think too hard about what that their company represents and end up looking the same as everyone else. A company should represent what a person truly stands for.

If you can own your niche and build an audience around you, then people will stand beside you.

Lets go deeper on this matter. 15 minutes on credibility.


Image at the top courtesy of Kenny Louie