Show 2 – Two Steps Ahead With Constant Curiosity. With Jon Burkhart

jon burkhart

In this show lets break things down even more.

The You Are The Media approach is quite simple, it is how you create a story or share information where people think you are great, so they want to spend time and money with you.

A way that kick starts that is to be constant curiosity within your marketplace.

We have to be relentlessly curious, a phrased coined by TED curator Chris Anderson, to advance our knowledge and skills.

In this show, lets spend some time with my good friend Jon Burkhart from TBC Global.

– what does it mean to be curious?
– does Jon think businesses are still quite happy to behave as they always have i.e. interrupting others and having zero personality
– is being curious the thing that gives momentum to creation?
– are there examples of businesses and people in your eyes that champion this whole curious approach?
– where does Jon see the opportunities for people and businesses when it comes to marketing their businesses in the coming year or so?

Enjoy show and let me know you are listening (