Show 10 – Lead Generation Principals. With Sonja Jefferson

If you are going to create and build in 2018, you need some parameters.

Sonja Jefferson from Valuable Content is a huge believer of finding a rhythm and the importance of consistency. She wrote this very honest and insightful article that looked back at 2017:

In this show it is all about the importance of the wider picture, rather than just jumping in.

Here are the areas that we cover:

– the importance of having a central place but satellites of communication always circling

– creating content that is relevant can help business development

– the importance of finding our allies who can help promote

– we can’t live behind a screen, the importance of being present

– Sonja’s three words for 2018

– the importance of adding value by being real and connecting deeper with others

– the belief of locking down and being in for the long haul

– where is the opportunity for businesses in 2018 that gets you enthused?

Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think (