Building From Something You Stand For. With Steven Lamb

Lets look at the importance of creating from something that you 100% believe in.

River Cottage was a programme that started on Channel 4 in 1999, today it has grown into a host of areas, such as cooking schools, canteens and many published books.

When it comes to building loyalty from others, it all starts with having a cause that you believe in and stand next to it.

Steven Lamb has been part of the River Cottage story since the very early days, lets find out what they have to done to achieve the trust of others. We look at:

– how the River Cottage brand still stands true today to the ethos it created 20 years ago?

– what have been the key principals of River Cottage that haven’t swayed?

– how easy has it been to introduce sub products ie. restaurants, teaching, reading?

– how important is to move alongside the consumer ie. food campaigning to people who are immersed in cooking and learning?

– what is it that connects people to the River Cottage brand ie. simplicity, realness, empathy, longevity?

– how has River Cottage impacted the way we look at food in the UK?

Enjoy the show, let me know what you think (