What To Remember When Writing For Others. With John Espirian

john espirian

The written word can be your strongest ally, lets find out what you need to do with John Espirian.

John is a technical copywriter, as well as being the sage of knowledge when it comes to using LinkedIn as a powerful communications tool.

In this show, we get down to the nitty gritty for what you need to do, so you can build your own voice and find momentum with the written word.

We looked at:

Do we need to get right to the point…quickly?

Is there a fear of appearing too simple and direct?

Rather than just jumping in, do we need to figure out what we want to say first (the whole differentiation thing)?

Do we need to get better at thinking of writing for a person and find ways that are direct as possible 

What is your biggest frustration from companies and their writing ie. too much jargon, self importance?

How important is it to write the way you speak?

Do we need to get into better habits by putting the main point(s) right at the top of an article?

Let me know what you think, you can contact me at mark@theidgroup.co.uk