How To Get The Regional Press On Your Side. With Darren Slade.

Regional Press On Your Side

Lets bring traditional media into the You Are The Media conversation.

Darren Slade is the business editor for the Bournemouth Daily Echo. He has been at the paper for nearly 20 years, so a wise head to understand what it takes for you to be seen in the regional press.

We cover these areas:

How has the role of the regional press changed in the past few years?

Where do we go wrong when submitting articles?

Do businesses confuse submitting a news article with just advertising their services?

What are the first things Darren notices ie. does the topic in the email title determine if you’ll open?

What are the ‘no way am I touching that’ points to take on board?

Lets look at beyond the article and relationships to build 

What types of articles are more popular than others?

Let me know what you think

Enjoy the show.