Why Doing Events Is Really, Really Hard. With Matt Desmier

matt desmier

You are probably well aware that creating events are a great way to nurture connection. However, no one says that they are extremely hard to work.

On this show, it is gloves off and just being honest with you with a person who has been doing this for years, Matt Desmier.

Matt has been curating Silicon Beach and other events since 2011 and knows the ins and outs.

In this show we discuss:

Just because people can do an event, does this present an avalanche of mediocrity?

Does Matt see companies setting up events where it is centred on someone else’s agenda?

Are there too many generic conferences?

What are the biggest factors for an event to be a success ie. being committed, different from everything else?

A very honest show here for you. I hope you enjoy.

Let me know what you think mark@theidgroup.co.uk