Can A Membership Community Work? With Erin Thomas Wong.

Let’s look at creating a membership community and if it is right for you?

Erin Thomas Wong has been building Making Mumpreneurs for over two years. It supports female entrepreneurs who would like more support on their journey and pools experts together to form a learning and nurtured community.

Erin is very open to say that building takes a lot of hard work, let’s look at these areas:

Why did Erin want to start up a membership site?

How does Erin attract new members?

The importance of finding ways to interact and engage with others (Erin took this offline)

What are the biggest challenges of a building a membership community?

What advice would Erin give someone who wants to build but is starting from zero (no members, no subscribers, no followers)?

Where has Erin seen the biggest personal reward?

Any questions, let me know

Enjoy the show