Making Your Creation And Learning Continous

Welcome to the You Are The Media Podcast.

The podcast that’s all about the audience you can build in the spaces that are yours. We have interviews, John Espirian’s LinkedIn Sofa and keeping this You Are The Media family connected and make you feel very much a part of it.

On this show:

Richard Burn, from Dorset Growth Hub shares the importance for continuous learning and how we all develop our own thinking and take advantage of the various initiatives that are out there.

John Espirian‘s LinkedIn Engagement series. It’s here for you to turn LinkedIn into your social ally. On the second part, let’s look at using native video, sharing non business updates, the right posting time, being present when you post but not replying to everything at once.

Chewing the fat with our guest from the last show Ben Roberts, You Are The Media Conference closer, Jon Burkhart and Trevor Young on what we all need to be thinking about when it comes to building something that is yours and people to get onboard with.

Enjoy the show.