How To Win When Competing With Everyone Else

You are competing with everyone else for someone’s time, attention and focus, so you better understand the message you want to portray and the people who are going to come onboard with you.

From the message you deliver online to the audience you build offline, it has to worthwhile for someone else.

On this show we talk to Janine Coombes on bringing a real sense of serious fun with her message and The Secret Marketing Show.

On John Espirian’s LinkedIn Sofa, the topic is post frequency and timing. Should you be posting many times a day? Are there best days to post? Is the best time when people are heading to and from work?

Finally, we share the highlights from the recent You Are The Media Lunch Club where the topic was why events are so tough to work. Getting people to come to your event is the biggest challenge you face. Surrounding that there’s a myriad of reasons why putting on a gig is a tough gig that’ll test you to the limit. Let’s share the insights from Matt Desmier, Andy Headington and Maddie Crawford who have The Adido Summit and Alex Chisnall and Sunny Bird who are behind October’s Entrepreneur Summit

Enjoy the show.