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Join Mark Masters every Friday focused on how you can build your audience through the channels you own to drive profitable action.

Show 110 – Did You Connect?

When your content is created for an audience and it resonates with them, it scales. The answer isn’t producing more content. The answer is finding who your audience is first. When you find your audience, it grows.

Show 109 – Did You Differentiate?

Differentiation means thinking very hard about the market and your competitors and putting yourself in an alternative space, in the same marketplace. Lets have a further look.

Show 108: Tough Honesty

The words ‘marketing’ and ‘honesty’ never go hand in hand together. Lets right some wrongs.

Show 107 – What Do You Really Do?

What business are you really in? People don't just buy products, they look for things that can improve their life, make working easier, spend more time doing the things they love.

Show 106 – Cross Sell/Up Sell

Once you’ve done the hard work of acquiring a customer, why wouldn’t you try to sell her more products? Give others something else to care about.

Show 105 – Feeding The Fire

If you’re not “all in” with your content marketing program, you should stop. To do this, action is centred within consistency. To have consistency, there has to be a cause.

Show 104 – Competitive Advantage

Is being better than others the ability to send emails a bit faster, tweet more often and leave work later than anyone else? Lets look at competitive advantage.

Show 103 – The Back To School Special

We did it live for a second time and hope you enjoy the final result. This show takes a break from the 2016 Growth Schedule.