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Join Mark Masters every Friday focused on how you can build your audience through the channels you own to drive profitable action.


Show 6 – Business Growth, Fast Paced Or Steady? (March 20th...

Are you fixating on the numbers or adhering to the reason your business exists in the first place? We share our own ideas on...
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Show 7 – Is Content Marketing Right For You? (March 27th...

There is an abundance of content out there to persuade you to utilise content marketing for your business. But, is content marketing for everyone?

Show 8 – Do You Practice What You Preach? (March 3rd...

People don't believe what you say, they believe what you do. Do you stand for something and practice what you preach?
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Show 9 – Do You Outsource Or Create Content In-House (Apr...

The big dilemma. Whether you're struggling for ideas to create content around or sat with an abundance of ideas, but no idea of how...

Show 10 – What We’ve Learnt (17th April)

In today's show we ask ourselves 'what have we learned on this podcasting journey after just nine weeks?' Oh no, we're not experts in the field of podcasting. Far from it. However, this week we're discussing what we've learned about the platform and how that is directing the future of Marketing Homebrew.
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Show 11 – Are We Losing The Art Of Engagement (24th...

We're all busy creating content. However. Are we losing the opportunity to engage (to connect) with our audience? Are we spending so much time shipping new articles, new infographics, new (dare I say it) podcasts that we're missing out on the ability to utilise that content as topics of conversation?

Show 12 – Do We Need To Engage? Lets Just Be...

Many people are chest-beating that we need to engage with one another. Then why is much of the dialogue so one sided?
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Show 13 – If Marketers Are Storytellers, Where Are The Stories?

We're all seeing that in order to be more compelling to our audiences, we have to behave like storytellers. Completely fine with that, but hang on a minute, where are the stories?