Marketing Homebrew Podcast

Join Mark Masters every Friday focused on how you can build your audience through the channels you own to drive profitable action.

Show 94 – Back To Goals

Without having well-defined goals and strategy to refer and come back to, your content is just noise — and you'll never be happy with what you create.

Show 93 – Habit

A habit becomes those things that we ingrain in ourselves for one reason or another, that is hard to give up. That's this weeks theme.

Show 92 – Promise

Why make outlandish big promises, you know you'll have to work harder to keep it. It is easier to make smaller promises instead for your audience.

Show 91 – Community

Responsibility is something we all need to think seriously about. 30 mins on why building a community has to be considered.

Show 90 – Channels

A channel represents getting your message seen in the eyes and ears of someone else. The objective is for you to connect with people in a way that eventually leads them to take some action: register, download, sign-up, purchase or buy.

Show 89 – Time Efficiency

The biggest challenge for taking on board and owned media approach is to commit time. It's the last show in our 'Resource' section. 30 minutes on time efficiency, lets do it.

Show 88 – Maximising

How much do you put in to your content creation efforts? Creating a meaningful blog post, podcast, or video can be a fantastic way of connecting with others, but can be undervalued if it is solely used for just a solitary channel.

Show 87 – Budgeting For Growth

How much do you put in? You need to determine how much you are going to invest in both time and budget. Lets jump into the budgeting for growth show.