Marketing Homebrew Podcast

Join Mark Masters every Friday focused on how you can build your audience through the channels you own to drive profitable action.

Show 86 – Collaboration

Collaboration is so much more than an efficient way to get things done, by effectively sharing the workload. When you team up with the right people...

Show 85 – Tracking

Are you heading in the right direction with your content creation efforts? You can't just create content and throw it out there in the hope for instant results… and then repeat the process.

Show 84 – Persona/Mindset

The reasons why businesses fail is not because they don't have deeper pockets but because they just don't know their audience.

Show 83 – Knowledge

There is a wealth of knowledge that sits within your business, it's time to share and be regarded as a leading provider of information within your sector.

Show 82 – Building Your Process

Once you have developed the thing that you stand for, understood the audience that you are looking to target and have an idea for the message and channels you are going to invest in, it's time to start putting all this into operation.

Show 81 – Buy-In

Buy-in represents pure clarity on everything that is going to be created, curated and delivered by more than one person. Welcome to the last show in the Preparation module.

Show 80 – Integration

Marketing needs to be integrated into everything that a business does. Integration effectively means combining two or more things together to become more effective.

Show 79 – Timing

It is rare to find a marketing person or business owner that has no idea to be creative. The big thing that gets in the way is timing. Lets have a look.