Marketing Homebrew Podcast

Join Mark Masters every Friday focused on how you can build your audience through the channels you own to drive profitable action.

Show 69 – A New Dawn For The Homebrew

The new Marketing Homebrew podcast is back. Lets welcome the New Year and give you the momentum to take control of what is yours and...

Show 21 – Collaboration

As we now find our flow with the 15 minute shows, lets dig deep into the word 'collaboration' and what it can mean to you.

Show 29 – Honesty

The words 'marketing' and 'honesty' don't normally go hand in hand together. Here's 15 minutes to explore what honesty means for businesses.

Show 20 – Simplicity

We're pushing too much out there, there is too much information, we're over thinking. Simplicity is becoming harder to achieve unless your prioritise. Lets decipher this word on this weeks show.

Show 23 – Planning

Stop just creating content for the sake of creating content. You have to make sure planning is a key attribute to your efforts. Lets delve in and explain.

Show 10 – What We’ve Learnt (17th April)

In today's show we ask ourselves 'what have we learned on this podcasting journey after just nine weeks?' Oh no, we're not experts in the field of podcasting. Far from it. However, this week we're discussing what we've learned about the platform and how that is directing the future of Marketing Homebrew.

Show 27 – Experiences

We are entering a shift from mass marketing to investing in experiences. Lets explain in more detail.

Show 71 – The Audience Proposition

It doesn't matter what you sell, what matter is who you sell it to. Lets talk about the audience proposition.