Marketing Homebrew Podcast

Join Mark Masters every Friday focused on how you can build your audience through the channels you own to drive profitable action.

Show 90 – Channels

A channel represents getting your message seen in the eyes and ears of someone else. The objective is for you to connect with people in a way that eventually leads them to take some action: register, download, sign-up, purchase or buy.

Show 106 – Cross Sell/Up Sell

Once you’ve done the hard work of acquiring a customer, why wouldn’t you try to sell her more products? Give others something else to care about.

Show 97 – Timeframe

What does success look like and how long would you expect this to take? Lets look at this topic of timeframe.

Show 121 | Unsubscribe, Burn Out, Purpose

This week, lets look at a broader theme of being relevant to others. All filtered from the big world, to our world, to your...

Show 101 – Scale

Without an organised framework for your content marketing efforts, you look at a world of random campaigns and wasted efforts.

Show 98 – Adjust & Monitor

Today’s marketers face a new challenge than their predecessors did a decade ago. Lets look at the need to adjust and monitor.

Show 100 – No Finish Line

When any business looks to adopt a content marketing approach is patience and persistency. There is no finish line.

Show 102 – Experimentation & Innovation

Why do businesses have to pursue innovation and look to do things in a new way? Lets flip this and champion an approach to perfect what you know.