You Are The Media Podcast

Find out how to take ownership of the spaces that are yours to build your audience with an owned media approach.

mervyn stutter

How To Achieve Longevity. With Mervyn Stutter.

Let's look at the world of entertainment and how that aligns with the B2B world with Mervyn Stutter who has produced a show for nearly 30 years at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Why Doing Events Is Really, Really Hard. With Matt Desmier

You are probably well aware that creating events are a great way to nurture connection. However, no one says that they are extremely hard to work. Let's bring Matt Desmier in to share why.

Podcast Questions You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask. With Chris Huskins

Let's answer the podcast questions that you think you should to know, but not quite sure, with Chris Huskins.

Find A Word To Stand For. With Ben Roberts.

Let's look at discovering a word to stand for that makes it easier for people to connect and associate with you.

Having A Responsibility To Entertain. With Andrew Pickering And Pete Gartland

On this podcast, lets look at having a right to entertain your audience with Andrew Pickering and Pete Garland.

Build A Subscribed & Loyal Audience. With Tim Poulton

You can build a loyal audience that will subscribe based on the experiences you have made. This is what Tim and Tarryn Poulton did.
Regional Press On Your Side

How To Get The Regional Press On Your Side. With Darren...

Here is how to get the regional press on your side with Darren Slade, business editor from the Bournemouth Daily Echo.

How To Build A Strong Voice To Drive Attention. With Dan...

On this show, lets look at carving a voice to build awareness and then attention.