You Are The Media Podcast

Find out how to take ownership of the spaces that are yours to build your audience with an owned media approach.

Having A Responsibility To Entertain. With Andrew Pickering And Pete Gartland

On this podcast, lets look at having a right to entertain your audience with Andrew Pickering and Pete Garland.

Build A Subscribed & Loyal Audience. With Tim Poulton

You can build a loyal audience that will subscribe based on the experiences you have made. This is what Tim and Tarryn Poulton did.
Regional Press On Your Side

How To Get The Regional Press On Your Side. With Darren...

Here is how to get the regional press on your side with Darren Slade, business editor from the Bournemouth Daily Echo.

How To Build A Strong Voice To Drive Attention. With Dan...

On this show, lets look at carving a voice to build awareness and then attention.

What To Remember When Writing For Others. With John Espirian

The written word can be your strongest ally, lets find out what you need to do with John Espirian.
simon swan

Getting Buy-In So It All Becomes Easier. With Simon Swan

Lets share the proof of getting buy-in within a company to make a content marketing approach work within an organisation.
jay acunzo

It’s Worthless Adding To The Glut Of Expertise. With Jay Acunzo

On this weeks show, it's gloves off when it comes to following best practice within your industry with Jay Acunzo.

How To Reward The Small Things & Conference Progress

On this weeks show lets give you an update on how things are progressing with the You Are The Media Conference.