You Are The Media Podcast

Find out how to take ownership of the spaces that are yours to build your audience with an owned media approach.

How To Claim Your Space In Your Town. With Andrew Davis

Lets look at the importance of making a claim within the cities and towns that we are part of with Andrew Davis.

Show 5 – How To Position Yourself As The Industry Source

When you make that step to position yourself as the industry resource, people want to work with you and get to know you better than before.
chris marr

Show 4 – How To Build An Audience By Going Above...

Lets look at what it takes to keep people with you and not look anywhere else, with Chris Marr from the CMA.
you are the media

Show 3 – How To Make Micro-Stories Work For You. With...

Find out how to make micro-stories something that you can manage and keep the momentum with.
you are the media

Show 2 – Two Steps Ahead With Constant Curiosity. With Jon...

A way for competitive advantage is to embrace constantly curiosity. Lets find out what it means from Jon Burkhart on the You Are The Media Podcast.

Show 1 – The Role Of Today’s Marketer with Ian Rhodes

Lets find out the challenges, opportunities, where we are going wrong and what we need to do today to help build our audience and build a profitable space.