You Are The Media Podcast

Find out how to take ownership of the spaces that are yours to build your audience with an owned media approach.

The Challenges Faced When It Comes To Building Your Audience

On this show, let's look at the challenges faced when creating content that strikes a chord with others.

Turning Email Into Your Biggest Ally

On this show let’s focus on email and share with you those who are building their audience and also how to structure and embrace a medium where you are 100% in control where the secret is in the message you create and the momentum you find.

Where Content Marketing Is Today & Where We Are All Heading

On this show let's bring together some of the leading lights in content marketing today. It was easier because everyone was together for Content Marketing World, in Cleveland, US.

Taking What You Stand For Offline To Build A Committed Audience

Welcome to the You Are The Media Poidcast. In this show our topic is building something offline that aligns with your business. Lets look at building a committed audience offline.
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The You Are The Media Summer Special

Let's share with you the 2018 You Are The Media Conference, the main takeaways and what people thought. We have interviews and a bumper edition of the You Are The Media Podcast.

The Key Themes Taken From Season One

Let's share the main themes and topics covered in 28 shows.

Use Different Media To Connect A Message. With Timo Peach

Let's look at widening your message so everything connects. Timo Peach uses different mediums but they all connect.

Can A Membership Community Work? With Erin Thomas Wong.

Let's look at creating a membership community and if it is right for you? Erin Thomas Wong has been building Making Mumpreneurs for over two years. Let's share her perspective and things to be aware of.