Everyday People Speaking As One vs Yet Another Ad or Paid...

A group of people can exert influence by combining their voices to amplify the power of a single message.

Stop Striving For Perfection – Rough But Ready Works Better

There’s no point striving for perfection when a more pragmatic approach works better. Let me explain why good is good enough.

What Creating An Alias Can Do For You

Creating an alias allows you to separate your main business and not hold back. When you create an alias, you take your business to a higher plane. The people who follow you and the community you create will share your values.

I Deleted My Email Database I Had Been Building For Six...

This article is about always being present. This way you know who is connected is just as important as people who aren’t that bothered with you.

Continual Evaluation Keeps You Relevant

Taking time out to ask for help, can help both sides if you are adding value for others.

Stop Throwing Random Punches So One Might Land

The moments and occasions you create for others will always beat one way traffic from you to...
you are the media conference 2019

The Courage Of The Collective

A group can learn better together. Your life can’t always exist behind a screen. Let's look at the importance of bringing people together.

How To Start Creating Occasions, Not What Everyone Else Has Done...

Creating occasions is better than mass dictating. This article is about making something memorable for others where there is real intimacy.