How Scaled Intimacy Works To Make Your Life Easier

There is a definite shift from wanting to reach out to everyone to having real meaning to those who are connected.

How To Take Out The Middle Man And Be Free

This article is about addressing your audience and it becomes more fun when someone else isn’t in the way. It is all about a free flow of information when you build and you address someone directly.

Creation And Building Lessons Learnt From Others In 2018

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When your message coincides with what others think, you find a place in their hearts and minds.

Seven Pillars For Your Audience Building Framework

If you have a framework in place, building your audience is easier when you know who you’re creating for.
Not everyone is a lead

Not Everyone Is A Lead

Not everyone is a lead. Look at things another way, you can build a network. People want to be treated differently and with respect. They don’t always need to be sold to in order to react.

Making Everyone Feel Part Of Something When Your Work Has A...

Giving what you make a name, or overall title, means you create your own domain.

How You Can Genuinely Build Authority By Doing, Documenting And Sharing

Keeping people on your side is when you don’t look, taste or feel the same. However, you have to have the guts to bleed in...