How To Create Scarcity So Others Feel Extra Special

Choosing who is going to be in the room with you beats reaching out to anyone.

Your Association With Others As The Path To More Coming On...

When you have an association with somebody else, you don’t have to be scratching around for acceptance.

Being Partly Private Beats Reaching Out To Everyone

When your work is partly private, it is not just you that creates the best work, others...

Shouldn’t All This Be Just Be About Making Money?

When giving content for free, it’s about others recognising you are the best choice. This makes it easier for others to get behind you.

Can Anyone Be Influential?

It is ok to start calling yourself something, as long as you can persevere and do the graft.

Making People See The Difference You Make

When you sell to people the difference between now and tomorrow, you make it easier for them to join you. People have to see why you can make a difference to them.

Why You Need To Be Part Of The Town. Not Just...

This article is not just about selling the products and services that make you a living but being an active participant where you live. That way, you strike a chord between what you do and where you are.

The Difference Between Audience And Community

The difference between audience and community comes down to what you want to get out of it.