Five Content Marketing World 2018 Takeaways

Creating a narrative that stands out is one thing. Build familiarity, you hit the jackpot. Here are five Content Marketing World 2018 takeaways.

Your Content As A Medium Of Exchange

The narrative you create elevates when it becomes a two-way transaction, not a one-way feed.

Why It’s Time To Treat Your Customers Like Members, Not ‘I...

This article is all about when you make others part of the entire process and they have a sense of affiliation. It is about making people feel more like members and not just customers.

The 2018 Version Of Don’t Build Your Content House On Rented...

You have to build and steal from the places that are not yours, by any means necessary. This article is about why you have to build your house anywhere you can, in order to create a call to action and for people to commit.

When The Algorithm Owns You, Rhythm Is Not A Dancer

YouTube burnout is now becoming well documented. Relentless creation in the blind hope that you’ll find a reward squeezes more than effort out of you. If you spend a life chasing the algorithm, you dance to someone else's tune.
create something they can’t get elsewhere

Why You Have To Stop Creating Work That Feels Like Work

When there is a sense of realness to your content, there still has to be that element of fun. If you are controlling the distribution...

Building A Stronger Message. How To Make Others Collaborate With You

Working closely with others makes your message stronger. The allies you have out there are not just the people who pay your bills. Whilst these may...
one word you stand for

Categorising Trust. How To Find One Word That You Can Now...

When you have one word you stand forr, it becomes easier for others to associate with you. Let’s share with you how it works, so you can start applying your side.