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In 2016 there were 5.5 million private sector businesses in the UK, the highest since estimates began in 2000, according to Business Population Estimates (BPE).

This means there are even more businesses sounding and looking the same.

It’s time to stand for something more meaningful and embrace a new content attitude.

How A Content Marketing Agency Can Help..A Bit More

This is how you become the differentiator within your industry. The ID Group are a content marketing agency.

We create content programmes to help businesses build their audience and drive profitable action.

We can:

  1. help define your strategy (in order to build audience and profit)
  2. help with ongoing content creation and distribution


Working with you to deliver tailor made training packages. For example:

SESSION 1) Definition of YOU

– Who do you matter to? What do you stand for?

– Are you working on initiatives to build an owned audience?

– What personality are you portraying?


– Why do people buy from you? What makes them come back?

– What is the one word that you can put everything behind?

SESSION 3) Formalising a STRATEGY

– What do you want to say?

– Finding your niche?

– Why should people believe in you (and buy from you)?

– What are the ‘booom’ moments?

– How can you become influential in your marketplace?


– Are you building in the spaces that you have ownership?

– What are the channels that you can own?

– How can you grow your audience with an organic owned media approach?


Build an audience who will come to buy from you on a consistent basis.

Become a business that is better at having a conversation.

No one wants more promotional bilge. You need to understand and become an advocate for your customers. Tell them stories and entertain then. Today’s consumer will opt out of bland sales message, but they’ll tune into stories that strike a chord with them.




Whether you are based in the UK or internationally, everything starts with the conversation. Lets get the ball rolling.

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