From being part of the You Are The Media community, to workshops, to the Content Revolution training days within your business, the whole philosophy is to learn and for your business to adapt to a new way of working.

We provide a host of content marketing events for you and your business.

The reason you want to find out more is to:

– grow a loyal audience

– generate sales and revenue

– interested in creating an owned media approach where you are 100% in control

– understand that the principals of marketing are still the same, however the channels have altered

– becoming more compelling and interesting to your audience

– become the trusted resource within your marketplace

– interested in telling the story of how you help others, but don’t know where to start

– earn the attention of others

– play by new rules by solving customer problems and adding value for your audience.

You Are The Media (Weekly Email)

One email every Thursday morning aimed to help you build your loyal audience with an owned media approach.

You Are The Media Lunch Club

Following on from the weekly emails, the last Thursday of each month, the You Are The Media Lunch Club brings people together to meet new friends, have a bite to eat and learn from others who are taking on board an owned media/content marketing approach.

Located in a number of venues around Poole and Bournemouth, the whole focus is for you to learn more and the validity to an approach from those who are building their own spaces.

When Lunch Club is on, don’t eat alone (it’s 12.15pm to 1.45pm). CLICK HERE FOR THE NEXT LUNCH CLUB

You Are The Media Conference

The You Are The Media | Conference is coming to the clifftops of Bournemouth on Thursday 23rd May, 2019.

The biggest issue today for businesses is not fighting to be heard in a ‘noisy world‘, but looking and behaving the same as everyone else.

The You Are The Media | Weekly email, the You Are The Media | Lunch Club and the You Are The Media Podcast focuses on businesses building their space, targeting an audience and communicating a clear message, on a consistent basis.

If there is one word that binds everything together it is, ownership.

Click here to read more and to book.



We can give you a helping hand by creating one day workshops to create an intimate environment to help your businesses:

– understand how content marketing works

– how to create an engine of content

– become more relevant to your audience

– how to do it effectively

By discussing and sharing stories of how content marketing works (plus bringing in special guests) can make a huge difference to how you apply this mindset within your business.

Content marketing represents a change of behaviour. These workshops aren’t in places that you’d normally associate with places of learning (promise no hotel function rooms), but in places to inspire and take action.

The workshops normally allocate 12 to 15 people no more.


How about a training course at your office?

Is there an area of your marketing that you would like a supporting hand with? Whether to the entire business or small groups, lets develop a day of discussion, exercise and learning.

Here are some topics that have proved popular. Are you stuck and need a helping hand with developing your company story:

– where to find inspiration for your content

– creating and shaping a content strategy

– should everyone or a few contribute to the content creation?

– become continually enthused and commit to a blog

– creating spaces that you have 100% control of to build your audience

– focusing on steady maintained growth rather than a campaign mindset

– thinking of starting your own podcast?

We help create a day’s discussion around those areas that you need to have a deeper understanding of and to become more confident with.

At the end of the day’s event, if you are not enthused, educated or entertained, we promise your money back.

Lets Help Make You A Better Marketer