Content Revolution:Message Workshop – Nov 25th


You and your business are made up of stories.

You need to create things for your audience that they will want to talk about (and who knows, share). You want them to open your email and provide them the insights that they need.

The Content Revolution:Message workshop is a half day event focused on enabling you to take charge of what is yours and stop wasting money on spaces that you are getting no return and organic audience.

Lets face it, the likes of Google and Facebook just want your money, they don’t care about the long term future for your business.

It’s time to build your audience and share your voice, not borrow someone else’s.


What We Will Cover

This is the programme of activity:

    • Why are we doing this? Yes….you are a storyteller
    • The world you’re competing in
    • Setting a scene so it all makes sense
    • What does it mean?
    • Creating meaning in what you do?
    • What is your story?
    • The importance of personas?
    • What are you going to talk about?
    • Proof
    • Repurposing what you produce
    • How to do it and use your channels in a better way
    • Making this part of your overall strategy

Successful companies next year will realise that expensive advertising will become less important, taking its place will be the ability to stand for something, build a strong voice and take action.

It is time to provide new content that gives a fresh angle within your industry.

More importantly, put yourself in the shoes who will be reading/listening/watching your content.

OBJECTIVE – discover what you stand for, take action and monetise


I’ll Bring To You Special Guests

Robert Rose interview. The ID GroupAs always, you have to see the proof. I’ll have with me as always special guests.

Bringing out the BIG guns for the 25th November as now have Robert Rose, Chief Strategist Of The Content Marketing Institute to share his take on a content driven approach.

Are you a revolutionary or a refugee?

For the November workshops there are only 12 spaces available. If it is more intimate, then there is a greater opportunity to learn more and create an interactive event.

N.B. I did want to call this Workshop ‘Storytelling’ but this word seems to have become hijacked.


WEDNESDAY 25th NOVEMBER (1pm to 4.30pm: Shelley Theatre)