You Are The Media | Strategy ‘Half’ Day

When you recognise what you stand for, you can direct a message to an addressable audience who will buy from you.

During 2016, there was an estimated 8o companies being born every hour, according to StartUp Britain. That’s more noise, more jostling for position and more businesses entering your marketplace.

It’s now time to make that stand, take control of the spaces that are yours and create a strategy that you can work to and implement. More importantly, to be committed with.

The intention is for you to have the confidence to create, publish and build an ongoing dialogue with other people who regard you as a trusted source.

Marketing legend, Philip Kotler in his latest book, Marketing 4.0 highlights that ‘consistently communicating brand identity and positioning in a repetitive manner – a key success factor in traditional marketing – may no longer be enough.’

It’s time to commit to an owned media approach and stop wasting time and resources on shouting loudly or running out of ideas. Even the local newspaper covered the last event, click here to have a read.

Thursday 31st August at Shelley Theatre in Bournemouth.


Why Is This Happening?

A survey was carried out to everyone that had attended the You Are The Media Lunch Club in 2016 (you can read the full survey here).

One of the questions asked what would people want to know more about. Over 60% wanted to know how they could implement a strategy for their business.




This is something that we just wouldn’t be able to cover in an hour or so.

This is why the You Are The Media Strategy Day is here to help guide, motivate and for you to construct your very own, owned media approach.

The Stats Prove It Works

According to the Content Marketing In The UK 2017 report from the Content Marketing Institute it highlighted that success when linked to a strategy (72%) is the moment when you realise that you have a responsibility and people recognise that too.


content marketing in the UK

It is time to instil direction for your business to build profitable action.

Half day. This is what we are going to cover.


  • setting up your business as a media company
  • create new objectives and goals
  • relevance to your audience
  • recognising what you stand for (this is the lightbulb moment, we do it together)
  • create a six month content programme of activity


  • recognising what it is you stand for/believe in
  • a calendar of content creation activity for the next six months
  • new ways to communicate and deliver on a consistent basis
  • the ability to build an audience and new lead framework
  • a new way to become the value to others in your marketplace
  • a way of thinking as a media company



If you are a You Are The Media Lunch Club member it is £120 + VAT

If you are not a You Are The Media Lunch Club member it is £195 + VAT


“This was a whirlwind of truly valuable stimuli packaged in a delightfully informal, relaxed setting. Mark ran the event with his characteristic humour and warmth.

The chance to throw ideas around the table and thrash out what tomorrow’s consumer demands from business and its marketing has definitely helped me start to build a framework for brand content and communications at LV=. Would recommend in a heartbeat.”

Heidi Tomlins – Brand and Customer Communications Manager, LV=


“It was very immersive and Mark getting hands on, creatively putting ideas onto paper.

I came away with extra ideas and it also validated some things I have been working on. It was well worth that personal investment.”

Gordon Fong – Managing Director, e-Mango


“It allowed me to get to the core of what it is I want my customers to do, my one word I stand for, and then created a framework of daily habits to communicate this through my content!” 

Steen Stones – Owner, Quest Life


“The strategy day really helped in understanding the importance of building an audience, whether as an influencer or as a go-to resource for a particular topic. It also helped cement the thought process that buy-in is required from those around the business to ensure the message is consistent. A bit here and a bit there isn’t really going to help.”

Marc Penn – Marketer

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