The Book

Marketing has changed more in the past 20 years than any other business discipline. So why are we relying on the same old textbooks? Why do business owners still think that shouting louder than the competition is the answer to longevity?

The old marketing way, where we were encouraged to spend more on advertising and to be seen, is dead. Marketing was about interrupting the masses, times have changed. The only differentiation we have, as businesses are the stories we tell.

The is book isn’t based on old methods like creating marketing plans or analysing the marketing mix. It’s about a fresh way of thinking – one based on the content that is more emotive and useful to others in solving their problems – to create profitable action.

The book includes a foreword by Robert Rose, chief strategy office from the Content Marketing Institute and views from leading content marketing pioneers from around the globe. Lets introduce a brand new marketing vocabulary.



Download a chapter that is a story on a mythical kingdom. This relates to business today and the opportunity for companies to cultivate the spaces that are rightfully theirs. No email or sign-up, just click here to download the PDF pages.

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