This Works


A content marketing approach can work when you change from broadcasting your ability to becoming influential within your marketplace.

There is a path for many businesses when your website goes live to then invest in SEO to be seen for a particular keyword. How about sharing information where you become more relevant to those who matter, rather than cast a net and see what bites?

This is how Michael Grubb owner of award winning lighting design consultancy, Michael Grubb Studio, altered their marketing approach.

content marketing agencyThe Modern Marketing Approach With A Content Marketing Agency

“As a small business, I need to make sure that the investment we make is worthwhile. More importantly our efforts are measurable.

Our marketing and sales approach is to now educate, entertain and challenge an audience that has an interest within our industry (lighting).

Our objective is to position the business as a leading authority within the marketplace.

This began with creating a content strategy that has helped structure our approach.

I fully understand that you have to walk before you can run and this now means that our ongoing content follows a path. The content strategy workshop with Mark lined everything up.

One of the biggest changes that I have seen with this approach is the ability to encourage conversation and dialogue with our audience. This is now a tool that supports our growth. Working with a content marketing agency with a content creation programme, has helped.

Our approach is via:

  1. creating ongoing monthly content (via a content calendar)
  2. distributing our monthly enewsletter (called Snack Time)

Being consistent with this approach, on a monthly basis, has resulted in an audience who now participate and feel part of our community. We have included prompts throughout the site for people to subscribe and now have an audience that is ours.

To receive feedback from people who enjoy receiving and reading our newsletter is something that many businesses do not experience.

However, I fully understand that if you serve a marketplace, you have an ongoing responsibility. We are committed to this approach.

Our content approach has encouraged a two-way conversation with our customers and also those within the lighting industry. To be seen as a company that others come to as a trusted resource is an encouraging place to be. 

Due to to this new mindset we have received more consultancy work from new and existing clients and continue to receive more direct messages from people we have a relationship with. This has helped us develop stronger relationships with clients because of the ability to hold a direct conversation as people (and not just between businesses).

This works!”


Michael Grubb (Creative Director, Michael Grubb Studio)


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