Why Change?

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Your marketplace is out there and they are ready to trust you.

The way many businesses market their products has been an approach inherited since the days of our grandparents.

The ways we produce and consume media is changing. That means we have to think differently in how we market our products and services.

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Isn’t it time to make a deeper connection with your audience to drive profitable action?

Old Marketing Tactics Do Not Work Anymore

Disrupting people through advertising; manipulating them with sales driven hyperbole; interruption via phone calls; relentless emails that provide no value, has been the norm.

Why do companies need to think differently? It’s the way that companies have behaved from their predecessors to focus purely on the product or service that they provide. My big question is, why do companies stick to very old methods to sell?

Unfortunately we are swimming in an ocean where many think that shouting the loudest is the only way to be heard. Why do you want to be in the same place as everyone else when you can create your own river and sea?

What I am trying to highlight is there are audiences now in many different places that feel more comfortable to be in the spaces that you reside in. It feels better to come over to a calm riverbank rather than the bellowing noise from a chaotic sea.

Philip Kotler stated in his book ‘Marketing Insights From A to Z’ (2003) “The good news is that marketing will be around forever. The bad news: It won’t be the way you learned it. In the coming decade, marketing will be reengineered from A to Z.” You need to be ready, lets make this happen!


Creating A Content Marketing Approach

One of the biggest challenges for businesses today is to build an audience who know, trust and like you. It is time to create a movement where you are in complete control.

How do you do this? Lets find your niche

A content marketing approach identifies who you are and challenges you to find out what you stand for. Defining your personality and then distributing your message will drive you to the next level. Your marketplace will thank you.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.02.53 Every company today is a creator and curator of their own content and whether you know it or not, you are a media company. You have the opportunity to target your audience with valuable information to make their lives easier, more profitable, more enriching by being regarded as a valuable source.


Remember that good intentions do not deliver great marketing results. It is time to stop sending the bland emails to everyone with your fingers crossed in the hope to deliver profitable customer action.

Lets get a plan together with the objective to grow your space within your marketplace.

We do this by helping shape your story that comes from a source ie. your website/your blog and then identify ways to distribute ie. social, email, events. This is all about a commitment, this isn’t about a campaign mindset anymore.

The ID Group assist businesses in standing for something and to market as though it’s 2016. From workshops, to consulting, to writing, to speaking, we stand for businesses to be relevant to the audiences they serve. In turn they become more profitable and do the things they enjoy.

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A Three Tiered Approach

Everything starts with ‘WHY‘ and what you want to achieve. Is it industry recognition, is it to drive a bigger audience, is it more time with the family? Using a content approach to raise profits, this is what you can tap into to create results:

Strategy: This is where we develop strategies and implement throughout your business by assigning responsibility. This could be coaching members of your team to define a story and how to write through to methods of measurement to analyse the success of embracing a content mindset.

Find out more about the content marketing consultancy service.

Creation: From defining a content strategy let us provide assistance in the ‘doing.’ This could be ongoing content creation on a monthly basis, through to helping repurpose the content created from print, to video to audio.

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Workshops/Events: Take on board learning events to help you see the broader picture in order to position your company as an influencer within your marketplace. The whole intention is for you to stop the wastage (such as advertising) and to consider a content/storytelling mindset. This could be from the Once Upon A Time storytelling event in a theatre through to more intimate workshops.

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